Terms and Conditions

1. I will obey all traffic regulations and laws of the state whilst participating in training.

2. I will ensure that I carry my learners permit with me on every lesson.

3. I agree to pay for each lesson when I attend unless otherwise arranged with my instructor.

4. I will ensure that I am prompt to arrive or be picked up for my lessons; if I am late, the lesson starts late it will finish at allotted time and I will be charged the full lesson fee.

5. I understand that if I am unable to attend a pre-booked lesson that I am required to give 24 hours notice, otherwise a 50% cancellation fee will apply, discount package bookings are forfeited.

6. I agree to pay for the excess on 2Pass Driving School's insurance if I am at fault in causing an accident.

7. I will attend all lessons without being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, I understand that under such circumstances my lesson may be terminated by my instructor and a full lesson fee will be charged.

Rescheduling, No-Show and Cancellation Policy

Here at 2Pass Driving School, we understand that in life things happen and you may need to reschedule or cancel a driving lesson due to unforeseen circumstances. 

We schedule our appointments with the student’s requirements for time and pick up location as priority. We can be flexible about pick up addresses, if given notice of changes ahead of time. Also, depending on distances between lessons, that are already scheduled prior to, or after your lesson. Please note that if you change your pick up address whilst the instructor is on route to you, this may eat into your driving lesson time as it may change our travelling time to you. So please extend us the courtesy of letting us know as soon as you can, prior to your appointment time.

We also understand that on occasion you may be ill or have unforeseen circumstances outside of your control in which you may need to reschedule your driving lesson appointments. If you advise 2Pass Driving School of cancellations or rescheduling of lessons within the 24 hour period, or simply do not turn up to a scheduled lesson, you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee for such cancellations and changes, discount lesson booking are forfeited.

If you would like to cancel a lesson please send a text message to us on 0423 493 115 with your name, lesson time and when you would like to reschedule for. If it's within the 24 hour period please deposit 50% of the lesson fee, with your name in the description, to the bank account below. 

Bank Account Name: 2Pass Driving School

BSB: 064 804

Account Number: 1401 5806